Our goal is the transformation of the EICAR test file into the contemporary environment.
    Project Objectives
    We evaluate the need for new vendor independent tools to check security applications. If required we take care for provision of tools.
    The aims are not related to product rating or quality testing.
    Pre Conference 2014 November 16th Workshop Results
    Workshop presention part slides are published at conference slides page.
    Participants of the workshop coming from several countries were

    • anti virus users,
    • anti malware testers,
    • anti malware industry,
    • anti malware consultants,
    • anti malware administrators and managers of public institutions,
    • AMTSO members,
    • EICAR members as well as EICAR board members.

    The primary common outcomes from the participants who were all familar with the EICAR test file and who use it for installation checks in real life and in test cases were needs to:

    • improve test file documentation
      • at download web site
      • at detection by anti malware product
    • simple test tool
      • check all security modules at once
      • for use by standard users
    • detailed test tools
      • check each security module separately
      • for use by expert professional users

    The detailed test tools could be used to check e.g. different operating systems, protocols, object types etc., different “layers of protection”.

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